• 3 reasons you need a mobile friendly website

  • Mobile phones offer the ability for you potential customers to search and do research wherever they are.  Every year we see an increase in the number of mobile searches to our websites.  If you have a current website that is not responsive or mobile friendly than you are going to begin to see a decrease in traffic to your website.  Here are 5 main reasons you need to invest in a mobile friendly website.

    1.  It is crucial for SEO

    Google has told us several times in the past and recently that having a mobile friendly website is important for SEO and provides a direct benefit to your keyword rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).  If someone is searching on a mobile device and does click on your website but has difficulty navigating, then it is likely they won't stay on it for long.  This in turn effects the overall bounce rate which will again have an impact on where you rank in Google.  Now is the time to get ahead of your competitors.

    2.  More likely to take action

    The mere fact that your potential customer is searching for products or services on their mobile device increases the chances that they are going to convert.  Statistics have shown website conversion from mobile devices is much higher than desktop.

    3.  Amount of mobile searches will only increase

    Due to the fact that smart phones are in the hands for the majority of the population already, people are going to become more comfortable purchasing and researching online.